Best Law Books for LL.B Students-2021

This article covers some of the Best Law Books for Indian LAW students. This is an essential list of books. Definitely, it will help to achieve your goal within a time.

If you are doing LL.B / BA LL.B or planning to start your carrier in LAW, then this article is very helpful for you to find out the Best Law books & will save your time.

Here we are giving a list of Books that every Law student must read.

  1. Click > Jurisprudence and Legal Theory by Dr. V.D.Mahajan
  2. Click > The Constitutional Law of India by Justice H.C.P.Tripathi Dr. J.N.Pandey
  3. Click > THE LAW OF TORTS by Dhirajlal & Ratanlal
  4. Click > INDIAN PENAL CODE by Mishra
  5. Click > Law of CONTRACT & Specific Relief by Dr. Avtar Singh
  6. Click > MODERN HINDU LAW by Paras Diwan & Peeyushi Diwan
  7. Click > MUSLIM LAW by Syed Khalid Rashid
  8. Click > Principles of Administrative Law by M P Jain & S N Jain
  9. Click > Property Law by Poonam Pradhan Saxena
  10. Click > Professional Ethics, Accountancy For Lawyers & Bench-Bar Relations by J.P.S Sirohi
  11. Click > COMPANY LAW with Supplement of Companies by Avtar Singh
  12. Click > Industrial and Labour Laws by Dr. O. P. Gupta & Dr. Vijay Gupta
  13. Click > Environmental Law by Dr. Nishtha Jaswal & Dr. P S Jaswal
  14. Click > Law of Arbitration & Conciliation by Avtar Singh
  15. Click > Civil Procedure (CPC) with Limitation Act by Justice C.K.Takwani (Thakker)
  16. Click > The Key To Indian Practice by Mulla
  17. Click > Criminal Procedure — R.V. Kelkar’s by Kn Chandrasekharan Pillai Rv Kelkar
  18. Click > Land Law by Krishan Keshav
  19. Click > Legal Language, Legal Writing and General English by S. C. Tripathi
  20. Click > International Law & Human Rights by Agarwal
  21. Click > Law Relating to Intellectual Property Rights by V K Ahuja
  22. Click > Information Technology (Cyber Laws) by Dr. S.R. Myneni
  23. Click > Law Relating to Women and Children by Prof. Dr. G.S. Sharma
  24. Click > Taxation Laws by Dr. Jyoti Rattan

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