Best Law Books for Law Students & Judiciary Preparation-2023

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2 min readFeb 7, 2021
Best Law Books for Law Students Judiciary Preparation

This article covers some of the Best Law Books for Indian LAW students. This is an essential list of books. Definitely, it will help to achieve your goal within a time.

If you are doing an LL.B / BA LL.B, judiciary exam, or planning to start your carrier in LAW, then this article is very helpful for you to find out the Best Law books & will save you time.

Here we are giving a list of Books that every Law student must read.

  1. Click > Jurisprudence and Legal Theory by Dr. V.D.Mahajan
  2. Click > The Constitutional Law of India by Justice H.C.P.Tripathi Dr. J.N.Pandey
  3. Click > THE LAW OF TORTS by Dhirajlal & Ratanlal
  4. Click > INDIAN PENAL CODE by Mishra
  5. Click > Law of CONTRACT & Specific Relief by Dr. Avtar Singh
  6. Click > MODERN HINDU LAW by Paras Diwan & Peeyushi Diwan
  7. Click > MUSLIM LAW by Syed Khalid Rashid
  8. Click > Principles of Administrative Law by M P Jain & S N Jain
  9. Click > Property Law by Poonam Pradhan Saxena
  10. Click > Professional Ethics, Accountancy For Lawyers & Bench-Bar Relations by J.P.S Sirohi
  11. Click > COMPANY LAW with Supplement of Companies by Avtar Singh
  12. Click > Industrial and Labour Laws by Dr. O. P. Gupta & Dr. Vijay Gupta
  13. Click > Environmental Law by Dr. Nishtha Jaswal & Dr. P S Jaswal
  14. Click > Law of Arbitration & Conciliation by Avtar Singh
  15. Click > Civil Procedure (CPC) with Limitation Act by Justice C.K.Takwani (Thakker)
  16. Click > The Key To Indian Practice by Mulla
  17. Click > Criminal Procedure — R.V. Kelkar’s by Kn Chandrasekharan Pillai Rv Kelkar
  18. Click > Land Law by Krishan Keshav
  19. Click > Legal Language, Legal Writing, and General English by S. C. Tripathi
  20. Click > International Law & Human Rights by Agarwal
  21. Click > Law Relating to Intellectual Property Rights by V K Ahuja
  22. Click > Information Technology (Cyber Laws) by Dr. S.R. Myneni
  23. Click > Law Relating to Women and Children by Prof. Dr. G.S. Sharma
  24. Click > Taxation Laws by Dr. Jyoti Rattan

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